Online roulette – The game of luck where strategy is key

A standard Roulette Spiel

At first glance, online roulette, whether it be European roulette or American roulette, looks very much a game of chance. Pick a number, a colour, odd or even, or a range of numbers, dealer throws the ball into the spiel and you wait to see whether your number comes in or not. When you look at the standard rules as they are, that is pretty much roulette. However, there are certain strategies within the game that can certainly assist you and increase your chances of winning online roulette. We will look at some of the different strategies throughout this roulette online guide and also explain why playing free online roulette can be beneficial while learning these strategies. You can also click here to find out more about Online Casino games in this website link offering reviews on Jackpot City casino.

Is there a guaranteed strategy that will allow you to win roulette online every time you play

While these strategies can improve your gameplay with Online roulette, no strategy will give you a guaranteed win. If there was a way to do that then the game would be removed from casinos. However, when you play live roulette online and adopt these strategies to your game, you no longer rely solely on luck. We would recommend looking for free roulette online so while you are accustoming yourself to these new ideas, you are doing so at no cost. By trying online roulette free you are also giving yourself to play around with the strategies and maybe even develop your own.

So we have a look at the different free online roulette options and find the one we wish to play

The first strategy we will have a look at is the martingale strategy. When you’re playing this strategy on online roulette Canada, ideally you are looking to use a table that gives you a low minimum bet and a high maximum bet due to the increase of betting as you go along. The idea is to recoup any losses on your next bet every time. You are going to want to start with as low a bet as possible as you will be doubling up after every loss. If we say we start on $1. We are going to bet between either: Red or black, Odds or evens or 1-18 or 19-36. So for review purposes, we will say we are putting $1 on red. If red comes in, fine, you then put $1 on black. If red doesn’t come in, then you put $2 on red. If red doesn’t come in again you put $4 on red and keep doubling until you win. As soon as you win, you then move to black with the original bet of $1 and keep going. The advantage to this strategy is when you win, you will always recoup all losses prior to that and be $1 up. The disadvantage is if you’re betting on red and black comes in every time for ten spins of the online roulette wheel then your bet is up to $512 and your total loss at that point is $1023 so that’s why it needs a high maximum bet and you also need to make sure you have the cash to continue. You can learn more about alternative strategies within this link.

We are using free roulette online at this point as it will ensure you lose nothing while learning

This, as you would expect, works very similar to the above strategy but you are only doubling down when you win, not when you lose, therefore, you are hoping to win big but lose small, this will also reduce how much the maximum bet has to be. Again, by playing roulette online free you are ensuring that you are learning the strategies at no cost to yourself.

There are other strategies to take into account when you are deciding to play roulette online

The 3 other strategies that are fun to try out when you play roulette online free are the D’Alembert strategy, the Fibonacci strategy and the James Bond strategy. The D’Alembert is simply increasing your wager by 1 when you lose and decreasing it by 1 when you win. Fibonacci is betting the total of your last 2 bets. With this one, you can lose more bets than you win but you will still be up. The James Bond is spread betting. You put a high bet on 19-36, a lower bet on 13-18 and then a lower bet still on 0 just to cover yourself. The idea of this one when you’re on an online roulette game is that you only lose if numbers 1-12 come out.

These strategies will start to make more sense the more you go along on online roulette free

When you play roulette online for free, keep your eye out for an online roulette simulator. Some of these will talk you through these strategies on a step-by-step basis. You can have a computerized online roulette wheel or play live games where you will see a real roulette wheel online. Online free roulette will let you play as long as you want for free. This is why roulette free online is a huge advantage before playing for real money. You just have to choose which is the best site for you. Hopefully, these tips will help you on your way.

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